Android Rooting will void phone's warranty. We are not responsible for any damage or data loss caused to your phone. Do it on your own risk.

How to root Kindle Fire (Gen 1)

Irritated with amazon play store & custom android on your kindle ?? Here is the way to break all those restriction on your Kindle :) 

Make sure your phone is charged 70% at least.
Back up all your phone data.

Follow these steps:

1) Download the rooting tools from here & extract them.

2) Connect your kindle to your PC.
3) After extracting the files, click run.bat

Kindle Fire (Gen 1) root files

4) Make sure that your ADB status is online & boot status is 4000
*Note: boot status might be unknown sometimes; you may continue the process in such case but you cant continue if the ADB status is offline*

Kindle Fire Utility

6. As we want to root our Kindle we should select 2.

After the process is done, check for Super SU in the menu, if its installed then you have successfully rooted your Kindle. (If not repeat the procedure).

Wasn't that simple ??


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