Android Rooting will void phone's warranty. We are not responsible for any damage or data loss caused to your phone. Do it on your own risk.

How to Root LG G2 (All Versions)

Make sure your phone is charged 70% at least.
Back up all your phone data.

Follow these steps:

1. Download the LG USB Drivers and install them on your computer.

2. Navigate to System Settings > General > About Phone > Software Information  on the phone.
How to Root LG G2 (All Versions)

3. Keep tapping Build Number until it tells you are now a developer.
How to Root LG G2 (All Versions)

4. Enable USB Debugging  under developer options. You can get to developer options under System Settings > General > Developer Options.
How to Root LG G2 (All Versions)

5. Plug in the device via USB and let the drivers install.
6. Download the rooting tool from the developer’s page here in the first post.

How to Root LG G2 (All Versions)
7. Extract all files from the zip to a folder on your hard drive. Double click the root.bat file and follow the prompts in the program.
LG G2 Root files
8. Unplug the phone from the computer when prompted. 
How to Root LG G2 (All Versions)

9.Toggle USB Debugging off and on and then plug the device back in.
How to Root LG G2 (All Versions)

10. Hit enter on the computer and wait for the program to finish rooting the device. 

How to Root LG G2 (All Versions)

If you find Super SU or Super User app in your phone's app drawer that means that your phone is rooted!!
How to Root LG G2 (All Versions)


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